veg biryani recipe in Marathi

Biryani, otherwise called biriyani meaning ¨spicy rice¨ is a South Asian blended rice dish of the Indian subcontinent. It is prominent all through the Indian subcontinent and among the diaspora from the locale. Invented in Persia and well known in India and the Middle East, biryani can be made withRead More →

chicken recipes in hindi

Chicken is a versatile meat and most of the non-vegetarian people love to have this on their food menu. Various occasions are also incomplete without a range of chicken preparations. From beginners to professional chefs, most of the home cooks and professionals prefer to cook with this ingredient. If youRead More →


In India,kofta is definitely a delicacy. This is a thing which is stuffed with some veg or some non-veg fillings and then they are dipped in some creamy and rich gravy. This dish is very much in common when there is any festival or occasion. The best part is youRead More →

Must Have Items for Your Christmas Menu

One of the best things about the Christmas festivities is surely the Christmas dinner. This is the time to enjoy many heavy and spicy dishes that are not only extremely delicious but is also very fulfilling for your taste buds as well. You can enjoy Christmas food at home throughoutRead More →