10 Science Chapter 12 Electricity

Reflection and Refraction the Two Important Topics from Class 10th Syllabus

Reflection and Refraction the Two Important Topics from Class 10th Syllabus

Science has played a vital role in the history of knowing our planet or the solar system, the organisms that are not even visible but still have existence, the things that we see around how they operate, the light, the sound we hear everything we do involves science, hence having understanding of what science can do can make you awestruck. This being the major reason our education system has decided to keep Science as a major subject till class 10th so that every individual should have at least the basic understanding of science. Science is quite a vast subject which involves Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, which is further divided into zoology and botany.

Every section of science is related to different concepts for example biology is the stream fo science that deals with the study of plants and animals, which includes every basic concept of how a plant is formed or an animal is formed, the basic unit of every organism etc, whereas if we talk about Chemistry, it includes the study of atoms, molecules and compounds and focuses on how the different process run in our day to day life, whereas if we talk about Physics, this the branch of science that deals with the logical and calculative concepts like the speed of light, the speed of sound, to understand how a machine works and so on.

If we see the syllabus that is taught to the students of class 10th, as per the norms and syllabus finalised by the CBSE staff, they have taken it very seriously that students should be taught what is important and can easily be understood so that not to load the students with extra burden of studies and hence they don’t lose their childhood digging deep into the books. Class 10th physics syllabus is quite interesting, CBSE class 10 Science Light – Reflection And Refraction, these two topics are quite interesting and with the revised syllabus the topics have been made more interesting by adding more examples to the topics so that students can understand the concepts very clearly.

Reflection and refraction are two most important topics to be understood by the students as these two phenomena occur every day in our day to day life, hence having a good understanding is very important. Another major topic while studying Physics is Electricity, when we were little kids everyone had this question somewhere in the back of mind that the fan, the bulbs, the washing machines and other appliances work on electricity but what exactly is electricity as we have seen the use of it but have we saw what electricity looks like? But later when we grew and we started understanding the concepts of science we got to know, there are things we cannot see but they do exist and one such thing is electricity. Class 10 Science Chapter 12 Electricity, can give the answers to all those curious students who want to learn more about what electricity is.

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