Sambhar vadi

Try the Wraps or Rolls or Packets with Different Fillers and Make Your Party a ravishing one

Try the Wraps or Rolls or Packets with Different Fillers and Make Your Party a ravishing one

It is quite natural that we feel a bit hungry at the evening time and feel some cravings for snacky items. To beat the heat of such snacks and small hunger feelings, it is important to eat only healthy items and not junk food. One such dish that is quite good at the nutritional level and is full of healthy ingredients is the spring rolls.

These rolls come in a large variety and are appetizers filled with healthy vegetables, or other items. They can be prepared in different shapes, size and fillers that give it an altogether new taste when it is created differently. This something quick and delicious to satiate tastes too good to beat the small hunger pangs.

Types of spring rolls famous all over-

  • Potato and cheese rolls- The spring roll that is very common amongst the children and is known as their evening menu is the potato and cheese spring rolls. These are the normal rolls made with flour that have fillers of mashed potatoes and cheese mixture with some salt and spices to add a great flavor and taste to it. They can be served as the best evening snack with tea or to tackle unexpected guests as it is very quick and simple to make.
  • Sambhar vadiDon’t get confused by its name. It is not a sambhardish, but these are simple rolls that can be easily made with filling sambhar i.e. coriander in it. Sambhar here is called coriander in the language that is used in Nagpur a place in Maharashtra. Here by packing the stuffing into small packets or rolls one needs to simple deep fry them to have the golden-brown texture and lip-smacking taste.
  • Cheese and corn rolls- Both the ingredients i.e. cheese, and corns are easily available in our kitchen. Here the small packets of kneaded flour are filled with some corns and cheese mixture and it can be baked or deep fried depending upon the taste and desire. This is also very easy and is a mouth-watering healthy dish of rolls.
  • Vietnamese chicken rolls- For the non-vegetarian likers, there is an easy way to have chicken added to your recipe. Here in these rolls, some amount of boiled chicken tossed in some green vegetables and spices is filled in the pressed flour and is deep fried to have the wonderful taste. This dish tastes even better when it served hot with some sauce or chutney.
  • Beet and spinach rolls- To give a more of a healthy and different taste to the rolls or packets one can add a mixture of boiled spinach and beet root blended in the mixer. This mixture is tossed firmly with some spices accordingly to give flavors. Some even add tamarind to give it a tangy taste with more of chilies to it.

These above rolls can be made even in the form of small balls or packets as per the requirement. They are best served items at the evening parties or some snacks that can be served before the dinner. They have all the enriched nutrition with vitamins and minerals good for health. Try them!!

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